Welcome and Rules

Welcome to my Harry Potter book club! Each week's reading will be posted early in the weekend, and discussion posts will go up for those chapters the following Friday morning (California time) to give members as much time as they want to join in the discussion and have time to converse. We'll try to find the happy medium between reading slowly enough for busy people to keep up, but reading quickly enough for library books to not be overdue.

For the purposes of this community, canon is the seven Harry Potter and the ... books, Quidditch through the Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (not a novelization of the upcoming film). This means that Pottermore, the films and their derivative works, fan works, book talks, social media, and verbal comments from Rowling or Scholastic or Warner Brothers are not canon. I realize that this is a big debate in the fandom right now, and I could be wrong, but that's the vocab for this book club.

We're adults, so these rules probably will be a moot point, but just in case: I support free speech and freedom of expression, but personal attacks, trolling, spam, rudeness, disrespect, and general wank will not be permitted. Swearing is cool, name calling is not. Discussions of shipping (canon and non-canon) and headcanons are fine so long as evidence to support one's point of view comes from canon (see above). We're focusing on the books here, so let's keep film talk to a supporting role. Rude people and trolls will be banned at my discretion, but I believe in second and third chances unless you insult my mother or my best friend. It's my first time moderating a community; I will probably make mistakes, and I will almost certainly change these rules, and it's my book club, so I reserve the right to do so. Let's make this a safe space for everyone.

TL;DR: this is a book club, and don't be a dick.

If we survive all seven books without leaving the Internet in smoking ruins, we may collectively read and discuss other books, but let's see how this goes first. I'll spend the next few days deciding on a schedule and will post the first reading assignment by the end of the week. Especially bright witches and wizards are, of course, welcome to start reading now in advance of the first discussion post, which will be 29th July.